feuchtify EMANEM 4133 - EMANEM

ELLIOTT SHARP soprano sax, dobro, electric fretless guitar, 8-string guitarbass, computer
REINHOLD FRIEDL inside piano, prepared piano

1 - dict - 6:51
2 - duc - 2:33
3 - gress - 2:17
4 - ject - 3:53
5 - pel - 9:01
6 - pend - 4:54
7 - por - 5:09
8 - scrib - 8:16
9 - tract - 3:13
10 - vert - 3:14
11 - sub - 4:46
12 - dis - 3:39
13 - ify - 11:27 --- Total time 70:05

Digital studio recording made in New York City
by Cy Fore - 2001 March 28

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First collaborations in 1997 with my composition 'Coriolis Effect' for Reinhold's ensemble Zeitkratzer. Revealed within the massed forces of the group, his unique instrumental voice utilising the raw materials of the piano: bones, teeth, hide. Meetings in Berlin and NYC, more of my compositions played by Zeitkratzer (including 'SyndaKit' and 'Bubblewrap'), many espressos, meals, and discussions. Sooner, a set of recordings in the legendary Tönstudio für Elektronische Musik in East Berlin allowed us to yield some small part of the potential in our intersection, released on the Church of Grob label as ANOSTALGIA. And later, this set of recordings made at the NYC club Tonic during a month-long series of gigs there for my 50th birthday. More sounds and strategies emerge, wider spectra, brighter details, crystalline, dry, wet. ELLIOT SHARP (2006)

First heard Elliott in 1990 in the old Knitting Factory, and at that time, being a nice young composer, was really impressed, not to say, shocked, by the noisy character of his music. Later met him for first common projects with Zeitkratzer, and realised that we had at some points really funny similarities in our musical education and development, like both having played Liszt's 'Hungarian Rhapsody No 2' on the piano. Perhaps we both share a kind of very instrumental approach in this duo. We became friends over the years, and I always enjoy very much all the New York restaurants with Elliott... REINHOLD FRIEDL (2006)